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Pup-Play info and resources

So what is Pup Play anyway?

The tl;dr answer:
It's exactly as it sounds. Someone wanting to play the role of (role play) a puppy: on all fours, wagging, barking, playing with toys, eating out of dog bowls, etc.

The longer answer:
Pup play is a form of pet play (animal role play), where an individual wants to take on the role of a puppy dog. This is done by role-playing a puppy, mimicking mannerisms: barking, wagging, begging, playing with toys, sniffing/licking things, eating out of bowls, etc.; for fun.

In the end it’s a fun release, getting into a shift in headspace, and only focusing about what is happening right now. Not what happened earlier, or what will come. Just being a pup in the here and now. That headspace is all about trying to think like a dog and rely more on instinct rather than the complexities of human thought and aspirations.

What pup play is not:
First and foremost, pup play is not about bestiality - any sexual activity involving real bio (biological) dogs. Pup play is also not about humiliation. Most pups do not get into pup for the humiliation factor. They get into pup because it’s fun and a great release. However, while someone may be a pup, they may also be part of, or like other kinks, fetishes, and communities as well.

Pup play is not just about sex. While pup play can be a sex positive experience, where the subject of sex is not looked down on. Sex is not the sole purpose of pup play or pet play. It just depends on the nature of the relationship with the pup and/or any other parties being involved.

Finally, pup play is also not an excuse – while we encourage you to find your inner pup and pup the way it feels right to you, this does not absolve you from rules and/or laws. You are still a consenting human who is liable for any actions, breaking rules and/or laws.

Below are a few terms that are used within the pup community. some people define these differently, this is just generic definitions:
  • Pup - A person acting the part of a puppy within pup-play.
  • Alpha - A pup who is a leader in a pack or over other pup(s). This is normally a leadership/guidance role.
  • Owner - Someone who owns a pup or a pack (multiple pups).
  • Handler - Someone who is handling a pup on a leash.
  • PAH - (Puppy and Handler) Is normally a regional/local group specifically for human puppies, handlers, and those interested in pup play.
  • Biopup/Biodog - Refers to an actual biological dog.
  • Headspace (pup-space or pupping out) - Is the carefree mental state that happens when in pup play. It’s focusing on living in the moment, and acting with your surroundings on instinct, like a dog would. Putting your own thoughts, fears, ambitions, etc. aside for a time.
  • Moshing - A puppy mosh, mosh pit, or just mosh, is normally when a group of pups get together and pup out. Most of the time it’s done in a specific area (roped off or matted) for the sole purpose of pupping out.
There are other terms out there and definitions. We suggest reading other resources to learn more about them and/or how others define those terms. There are other resources at the end of this.

Is any gear required to get started:
No, being a pup requires no gear. It’s a mental state and purely up to the individual on how they want to pup. At minimum some basic safety gear should be used for comfort. Mainly due to being on all fours on the floor, they can either be hard on your knuckles and knees, or can give you rug burn, depending on the surfaces you are crawling around on. Some basic knee pads and cheap MMA practice mitts make perfect gear to start out with. But, while some gear for comfort is recommended; this bears repeating. Gear is never required to be a pup. Below are a few other things you can look at.

Collars - There's several different thoughts out there on it. Some say pups should wear a collar and their owner/alpha/handler will give them tags. Others say collars should be given by an owner/alpha/handler. If a collar will help you get into headspace, go for it! In the end, if you get a cheap collar and your owner/alpha/handler wants to give you a more expensive collar and/or tags, you can always switch to using theirs. Just be aware that some like to follow certain protocols in regards to collars. Again, just remember no one is making the rules on how you pup, except you.

Toys - Toys can really make pupping out fun, even by yourself. Think of a real puppy and them playing with chew toys. They can entertain themselves for a long while. Just keep it simple and cheap, soft chew toys are all you need. Though I caution playing with any hard chew toys (rawhide, hard plastic, etc.). Human teeth are not the same as bio dog teeth.

Hoods/Muzzles - Hoods and muzzles are good to help a pup get into headspace. They also afford a pup the security of anonymity, which can help a pup when in public places. It also helps a pup look more the part, which again, helps with getting into that puppy headspace; but, by no means required. If starting out, there are cheap options out there, you don’t have to drop $150-230+ on a hood if you are not sure pup-play is your thing.

Any other gear that is out there is there for aesthetic purposes. It can help pups get more into that pup headspace. But again, it is not required. When starting out, try going cheap. Don’t invest heavily into something you are just going to try out if you are not sure that it is something you are going stick with. You can get cheap mitts, kneepads, collar, toys, and a hood/mask for under to around $100. If it’s something after a time, you enjoy, you can always invest and upgrade to better gear. Just don't break the bank to look the coolest. It's a mental state, not a bank account state.

How do I get started:
A lot of times starting out, people over think it. Try dropping down on all fours and sniffing around, viewing your surrounds on all fours, and starting to think like a puppy. You might want to get on YouTube and watch some videos on how puppies/dogs act. Or, read some of the numerous dog training resources that are out there on the internet to get some background on training puppies/dogs to give you better insight on how puppies/dogs behave.

Choosing a puppy name and or breed:
Choosing a name is purely up to the individual and or owner/pup relationship. Names can always be changed to best suit a pup. So if you choose a name and get an owner who changes it to something more suiting, nothing is wrong with that. Again, pup is purely defined on your terms.

Breed is the same way; it’s purely up to the pups' discretion as to what breed they choose if one at all. Let me be clear, you do not need to have a breed to be a pup. It’s just flavor, a bit of color to the experience. If you are looking into a breed, look at the traits certain breeds have, that align closely with how you feel. And, you don’t have to pick a breed due to your body type. We know of a huge guy that looks like a linebacker 6’+ tall, that’s a Chihuahua. There's also a very small guy who’s a St. Bernard. Just remember it's flavor to help you identify more as a pup.

Other Resources:
Please take this and any other resource with a grain of salt. There is no right or wrong way to be a pup. There isn’t a rule book that states there is a specific way to do something, or set standards that has to be followed - other than common sense. These are just generic answers. This and all other resources are just guides to help you. And, this can’t be stressed enough, however you pup, so long as you are happy and comfortable, go for it.

It's wholeheartedly suggest getting out and involved with a Puppy or PAH (puppy and handlers) group in your area. You can read all you like, but actually interacting with other pups in the community, you gain a wealth of knowledge by actually participating. You may also want to look at your local Leather/BDSM community, which is normally pretty accepting of puppy play and will have resources for you to help you out.

Below are other resources on puppy 101 - beginning stuff to read into. We highly recommend checking out and reading these resources and any others out there to get ideas to figure out how you want to pup.

Resources on pup play:top

Other online guides, sites, and books:
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International Puppy Contest

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Pup Safe Project
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Bark! by Justin St. Clair

Pupplaypride - Pup Negotiation Form
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Online Forums, Blogs, and Social Networking on Pup-Play:
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The Happy Pup - Gpup’s Puppy Play & Pup Play Gear Guide
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Mr. S Leather
Look under the puppy section on the left menu.

GRR Bear-Masks
Great handmade masks without breaking your budget. The owner will work with you to be custom for you.

Rubber Dawg - Custom rubber hoods

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Has a lot of kinky stuff on their site, including a pup play section, as well as a pony play section

Leather Werks
They do several different types of mask style hoods as well as other types of Pup Gear.
Contact the company directly to work with them on custom hoods.

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This Pup-Play FAQ is copyright to Pup Dozor and was modified with permission